Sacre Coeur Street Performer

Sacre Coeur Street Performer

Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Best Travel Tip

Here's a travel tip I came up with on this trip, about which I am thoroughly thrilled:

Pack one zippered pillow-case for every person (or at least for each kid) in the family. On the plane or in the car, fill it with coats, clothes or even laundry for a makeshift pillow-cum-organizational carrying-case in which to contain those loose items you might otherwise lose. Our plane was hot so it was a great place to store the coats and scarves we had with us in case of air-conditioning. Also, we've been doing a lot of driving so having the functionality of pillows, without actually having to lug around a pillow the rest of the time, has been a life-saver.

When it's time to get back on the move, take out the items and put on your coat fold up the pillowcase, tuck it away...and go.

Picture to come...

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