Sacre Coeur Street Performer

Sacre Coeur Street Performer

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our Rough (and Evolving) Itinerary

I started out wanting to reclaim (with my kids) some of the the spirit of the free-form travel of my younger days. But doing so --while also intersecting with the many friends we plan to connect with along the way, and in light of Joe's stateside work responsibilities-- has been challenging. Because I continue to discover that our wonderful friendships and growing community add much richness to my family members lives, giving up some of the freedom of my past is more than worth it.

Roughly, plans are as follows:

Aug 24th to Sept 2: Lisa, Kai, Soleil stopover in Toronto (and Picton) to shorten the flight, reduce the time difference, visit family and begin the transition from regular life to Travel Schooling

Sept 2: L, K, S fly from Toronto to Barcelona with a day-long stopover in Bruxelles

Sept 3-5: L, K, S tour Barcelona

Sept 5-9: L, K, S visit a family-friendly campground on the coast of Spain, hoping to meet up with old friends SoulTravelers3

Sept 9-11: L, K, S pick-up leased car and drive from Barcelona to Bordeaux, couch-surfing with a French family of five near Toulouse en route.

Sept 11-25: L, K, S meet Joe, the C/S's and ABCD in Bordeaux where we've rented a 4 bedroom chateau to gleefully celebrate the life of the first demi-centurian in our midst.

Sept 25-Drive to Morbilou, near Vannes in Brittany and stay with CS'ing mom and her 16 year old son.

Sept 27- Stay at Keravel in Plouha

Sept 28: Visit Mont St Michel

Sept 29-Oct 6. Paris, stay in an apartment in the Latin Quartier

Oct 6- Oct 17th. L, K, S, J travel foot-loose and fancy-free southward, possibly through Burgandy and the Alpes towards Provence. En route L will dove-tail off to Italy to meet A and friends for a few days

Oct 17: J heads back to the US for work and L, K, S explore the south (Languedoc, Pyrenees/L'ariege, Aquitaune perhaps) for three weeks until heading back towards Paris to meet J there

Oct 17- Nov 9 - Lisa and kids are free to roam the south.

Stop at Puy du Fou near Les Eppesses

Nov 9-16: Paris again (with J making soujourns to Berlin and Brussels to talk on Research for startups). Reunite with Micha from Nov 12-15! Pick-up K's friend J from CDG on the 16th.

Nov 16-30: Free again to roam again until departing from Barcelona on the 30th.

We've got fingers crossed about connecting with Barbara and Ramona as well!! TBA

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